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Fujian Yongcheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group
Time: 2015-08-23 Source: Fujian Yongcheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group

      Fujian Yongcheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group, founded in 1992, is a conglomerate that specialises in breeding, research and popularization of lean-meat improved pigs. The company owns group enterprises and institutions of Fujian Yongcheng Animal Husbandry co., LTD., (Sino-US Joint Venture) Fujian Yongchenghuaduo Multiple Pig co., LTD., Jiangxi Yongcheng Agriculture and Animal husbandry co., LTD., Fujian Chengduo Agriculture and Animal husbandry Equipment co., LTD., Yongcheng AI Center of Breeding Pigs Heredity.

     Yongcheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group is the first batch of national core pig breeding farm, America Waldo joint venture enterprise of Chinese joint association chairman unit and the first batch of national Aujeszky's disease demonstration farm. The company has established two platforms of Fujian academicians workstation and experts workstation, conducts molecular breeding with academician Huang Lusheng of CAS and his team, tests and researches on IGF2 gene, anti-diarrhea gene, fluothane gene, multiple number of ribs gene, etc.. The company acquired many honors of Fujian traceability enterprise of quality safety of agricultural products, Fujian pollution-free agricultural product of live pigs base, national top ten pig breeding enterprise, five brands for Chinese Duroc breeding pig.

     For 23 years, Yongcheng has always inherited the enterprise tenet of “keep moving, serve with heart”, insisted on the breeding concept of “lead generation after generation, never stop moving”, pursued to providing customers with the breeding pigs that have the fastest growing velocity in the world and devoted to becoming the leader of global breeding pig industry!

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