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Yong Cheng and Wen's strong combination, for the people to seek blessing!
Time: 2015-08-16 Source:
Wen's group was founded in 1983, 2014, Wen's group in the market pigs 12.18 million head, broiler 6.97 billion, duck 1699 million, sales revenue 38 billion yuan. Wen's group has the existing cooperative family farm households, all family farms 53000 yuan annual profit 3992000000 yuan.
Fujian Yong Cheng agriculture and animal husbandry group founded in 1992, persist in molecular breeding for more than seven years of swine enterprises, according to the first quarter of 2015 measurement data, the day age of Fujian Yong Cheng all Duroc boars averaged 114KG is 154 days, according to 100kg calculation US 141 days, than the national average level to fast for 30 days or so. In addition, the Ministry of agriculture for three consecutive years, detection, swine fever pseudorabies, blue ear virus was negative. 2014 - the establishment of Fujian Academy of expert workstation.
September 17, 2014, Guangdong Wen's food group, Dr. Cai, Dr. Liu came to visit our exchange, Fujian Yong Cheng agricultural and animal husbandry group, chairman Xue Yongqin, general manager of Qiu Dingjie, Xue Yongzhu, general manager of breeding technology manager Lin Chengquan and veterinary technology manager, and accompanied by a visit.
For decades the temperature Shiren MOKOTO and groundless talk, with hard efforts on the growth course, Chinese pig witness Guangzhou Wen's group and Fujian Yongcheng farming group grew, along the way both sides have received numerous honors, the combination, we are well aware of the responsibility on their shoulders, we jointly promote healthy breeding production and utilization the foundation, enhance the safety of dietary and nutritional balance of scientific breeding modes, to improve the inherent physical and immune function of pigs for the purpose of the whole process, the concept of health throughout the breeding process of pork chain, production safety and high quality pork products, the maximum from the food source to safeguard the health of the people, by no anti green health aquaculture production of green health products, and strive for the realization of China's pig industry development goals of high quality, efficient, ecological, safety.
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