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Chen Rongkai, deputy governor of the people's Government of Fujian province to visit our company
Time: 2015-07-21 Source:

    In September 24th, the people's Government of Fujian province vice governor Chen Rongkai to visit Fujian Yongcheng, the Deputy Secretary General of Fujian provincial government Wang Xingyun, deputy director of Fujian Province, Department of agriculture of the people's Government of Fujian province Huang Huakang Department of agriculture office director Lin Xudong, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Dean Paul Liu, Fuzhou Municipal People's government, vice mayor Yan Shi Fujian province Secretary of Fuqing municipal Party committee Chen Chunguang, vice mayor of Fuqing Chen Cunfeng and other leaders accompanied by the first arrival (Sino US joint venture) in Fujian province more permanent Chenghua pig limited, and enter the production area to visit the nursery and maternity homes and make comments on our breeding work: he affirmed our use of breeding methods and production, breeding management system; the design and construction of our farms include: ventilation, temperature control, the vacuole fecal sewage systems and agreed, and said that this management approach can effectively deal with the excrement and sewage.

    After visiting permanent Chenghua much, Vice Governor Chen Rongkai led all to Yongcheng group office visit, he of our this year in the pig breeding results proposed highly affirmed: permanent breeding of honesty in Fujian Province and even the whole country pig field are in the lead, the hope forever Chengda force promotion outstanding boar for commercial farms provide a good source, in order to meet the needs of the society to the health and safety of pork.

    Vice Governor Chen said: currently on the market have produced advanced machinery and equipment dedicated to processing bodies of dead pig farms, but farmers spend more than 40 million to buy the machine for processing the corpses of dead pigs, many farmers is very difficult to accept, is used to machine the cost is too high, purchase to buy machines to more than 40 million and is necessary during the process of electricity, the overall cost is too high; another machine operating procedures are complicated.

    Finally, Vice Governor Chen said will organize a number of pig farmers ago to visit and learn our innocuous compost method dealing with the bodies of the dead pig, to compensate for the mechanical equipment processing dead pig bodies cannot be implemented.

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